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Call: 023 8028 4928/023 8081 3218

Clerk's Corner: July 2017

As I write this column the weather is sweltering but by the time you read this I dare say all will have changed and we may well be back to our normal British summer.

Let’s hope that we have a good summer particularly with the school holidays coming up this month but perhaps not as hot as the last week or so.

Our June meeting saw our first visit from our newly elected County Councillor Edward Heron, who comes to us with a wealth of experience and local knowledge.

He will be attending as many of our meetings as possible but does have a very wide area to cover.

Please get in touch if you have a question for him as I am sure he will be happy to assist.

Also at our June meeting, the question of the condition of parts of the adult football pitch was brought to our attention.

I would like to clarify the situation by saying that, although we have responsibility for Coles Mead Recreation Ground which adjoins the adult football pitch we do not participate in any way with the other ground as the land is owned by the Forestry Commission and the lease is held by Lyndhurst Football Club.

I will, however, be corresponding with the Forestry Commission and the football club to see if anything can be done to improve the situation.

Another matter raised during public participation was the problem of A-boards, tables and chairs, etc which are seen to be blocking the pavements in the High Street.

County Councillor Heron informed us that anything that is positioned on the pavement and can be classed as causing an obstruction that is within 1.5 metres of the highway can be removed.

Councillors felt that the first step should be to send a letter to traders in the High Street to inform them of the perceived problem and to ask for their co-operation.

I have written before regarding the problems being increasingly felt by residents in Wellands Road.

These include parking issues and deliveries to shops and businesses in the High Street.

The Parish Council will shortly be holding a meeting with residents and traders in the hope of finding some solutions that everyone can agree to and work together on.

The problem of erosion of the grass verges around the village was discussed in June.

This subject has been raised previously regarding various verges around the village and it will be an item on the Agenda for our July meeting.

The condition of the road in Pinkney Lane was also mentioned as it does appear to have narrowed although the road has been resurfaced.

Erosion at the edge of roads throughout the forest seems to be an ongoing problem.

You may have read articles in the Press recently regarding responsibility for insurance of Remembrance Day Parades.

Here in Lyndhurst, our Parade will be insured by the Parish Council and I am pleased to say there will be no extra cost involved as our insurance company are fully co-operating with us on this worthwhile cause.

The Parish Council will now be financing the cost of the two marching bands from Copythorne that parade with us on the day.

Margaret Weston, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Lyndhurst Parish Council, Woodlands, Fritham, Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 7HJ

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Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

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