Call: 023 8028 4928/023 8081 3218

Call: 023 8028 4928/023 8081 3218

Clerk's Corner: Clerk’s Corner – February 2018

January’s meeting saw our Councillors choose a new Parish Champion.

The winner will not be announced until our Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 20 March and everyone is welcome to the meeting not only to find out who our latest Parish Champion actually is but also to hear what the Parish Council has been doing for our residents in the last year and our plans for the future.

We now have to work out how to keep this as a surprise and get the new Champion along to the meeting without them suspecting.

We had a large number of names put forward this year, all of whom would have been a worthy winner, so I hope everyone will be pleased with the choice.

We now have some sponsorship for our planned 2019 Calendar.

The idea is that you all go out and take some lovely photographs and submit them to our judges for consideration.

Thirteen will be chosen – one for the front cover and one for each month of the year.

All the rules and regulations will be published on our website and will be available from the Parish Office as well.

We live in a lovely area so it should be a pleasure for you all to find some subjects for your photographs.

If you have any queries just get in touch and I will try to answer them.

Our new Councillor, Chris Willsher, will be taking the lead on this one as well and his contact details are on our website.

Our next Police Beat Surgery will be on Friday 23 February at 2.00 pm
at the Parish Council offices, 13 High Street.
Please come along and air your concerns and suggestions.

I am planning my departure (retirement) in the not too distant future.

Much as I will miss the role in so many ways I am looking forward to more free time.

The Parish Council has decided on a gradual changeover and to this end you will find an advertisement for a part-time administrative assistant in What’s On.

The aim is very much to see this position grow so that whoever is appointed will eventually take over as Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer.

After 14 years in the role I feel I am in the position to be able to recommend it as an interesting and varied post and if you enjoy working on your own initiative and are well motivated it is definitely the job for you.

However, it does require a degree of commitment and there is quite a learning curve involved.

This is why we have decided on a gradual transition so that I will be there to give guidance initially and there will be full training available through recognised public bodies.

The project to install new play equipment in the Recreation Ground was due to be completed before Christmas.

Unfortunately, Wicksteed, our suppliers, had their transport and all their equipment stolen the week before Christmas and then it was discovered that the bridge on the large piece of equipment was faulty.

The new equipment has now been installed but it is incredibly muddy down there at the moment so there will have to be more remedial work to rectify that as well.

Our next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 13 February 2018 at 7.15 pm in Lyndhurst Community Centre.

Why not come along and see what your Parish Council can do for you.


Margaret Weston, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer,

Lyndhurst Parish Council,

13 High Street, Lyndhurst SO43 7HJ

(email: / tel: 023 8028 4928 or 023 8081 3218).

The office is open to the public from 10.30 am until 1.00 pm on Tuesday and Friday mornings and by appointment at other times.


Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

Why not come along to our Council and Planning meetings. There is an opportunity for members of the public to air their views at the commencement of the meeting.